Real Estate Investment Partnerships & Opportunities

Partnering with Pero Real Estate offers investors a stable option. Rental property investments are an underutilized market, particularly for first-time property investors who might be looking for income now, money for additional investments, or retirement assets. At Pero Real Estate, we can help both beginner property investors and established investors.

As one of the leading real estate companies in the Erie area, Pero Real Estate owns hundreds of homes, townhomes, and apartment units throughout Erie County. We continually identify properties that are excellent short and long term investment opportunities. We have identified properties that are excellent investment opportunities for individuals who are into real estate investment. Our investment properties for sale in Erie, PA are moving fast! Contact us today so we can walk you through the details and how these homes can build your portfolio.

PeTro Properties

PeTro Properties is a partnership that was formed in 2018 between Mark Troyer and Jason Pero. PeTro was formed specifically to target acquisition of larger properties that allow for growth and investment in strategic areas and in special projects. The PeTro team is actively acquiring larger assets and if you would like to learn more please submit an inquiry.
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